CS-2511TES from Estonia

Arne Oad – Arborist, OK Acer

My name is Arne Oad and I´m an arborist. In this field I´m working already more than 5 years. First 2 years I was as employee in different tree service companies. During that time we mainly used other brand chainsaws. Couple years ago we established own tree service company and we discovered that there are also ECHO chainsaws. We decided to buy for test purpose one ECHO top-handle chainsaw what is really-really important for arborist. After couple months of work, we came to conclusion that ECHO chainsaw is working very well.

For now we have mainly ECHO chainsaws- different size of top-handle chainsaws and one chainsaw of 60 cc. According to our experience ECHO chainsaws are equal to other major manufacturers.