CS-2511TES from Netherlands

Wouter van der Dungen – Arborist, Netherlands

I’m working as an arborist since 2001 and always depend on tophandle chainsaws for work. Pruning and dismantling trees is my core business and as a treeclimber I depend on my machines.

Been using some different brands troughout the years and on a local expo I was first introduced to the ECHO CS-2510TES by the dutch representative. That was a prototype and after some time I received my first CS-2510TES for use up in the trees. The lightweight and overal great perfromance makes this chainsaw one of the best in its league. Compared to other tophandeld chainsaws this little brother has the same power as the bigger saws and yet is easy to handle and super leightweight. The best power to kilogram ratio, a saw has had so far. It’s been on my climbing saddle since the day I got it. Great for pruning and little dismantlings. I was kind of worried when the saw had a recall and I had to do without my little friend for quite some time. But the new CS-2511TES that was the new standard didn’t disappoint me at all. Same performance and handling. All together I depend on it !