E10 Fuel and ECHO products

What is E10 fuel?

The push for E10 fuel is in order for governments to meet new, more stringent emissions regulations.

E represents ethanol and the 10 is because E10 fuel can contain up to 10% (regular unleaded petrol contains around 5%). Ethanol is produced by the fermentation of natural ingredients, such as plants and grains. The higher amount in E10 fuel makes it a “biofuel” and absorber of carbon dioxide. Its ability to offset harmful emissions is an obvious benefit. But since its roll out at Petrol pumps across France, Germany and Finland in 2011 there has been a great deal of concern and debate about the possible negative impacts. Ethanol has corrosive properties and therefore consumers are concerned about using it in their engines. There is evidence that corrosion of certain parts such as seals, plastics and metals can occur with prolonged use. 

Is it safe to use E10 in my ECHO engine?

Yes. ECHO engines have been rigorously tested with E10 fuel and we can confirm it is safe to use without risk of damage to your product. A statement is present in your tools user manual to confirm this. Please consult your dealer about using E10, as a carburetor adjustment may be beneficial.

We do not recommend using fuels with more than 10% ethanol.