ECHO launch DSRM-2600 U handle and loop handle.

The new ECHO DSRM-2600 battery trimmer / brushcutter is now available in both U handle and loop handle versions. Built from the ground up to tackle long grass and thick brush, it's packed with features to make your work more comfortable and increase your productivity - now you can take on those big jobs with the convenience of battery!

The DSRM-2600 offers a true petrol-like experience by combining an advanced and powerful motor with a precise throttle that provides speed control just like a petrol trimmer. The new advanced motor offers performance comparable to a 25 cm³ petrol engine and the similarities do not end there. Components like the gear case are the same type used in ECHO petrol brushcutters and are incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

The attention the engineering team has put into making the unit as comfortable as possible is clear from the first touch. The unit has been perfectly balanced by placing the motor in line with the axial shaft, giving even balance. This means that the unit would balance perfectly if you were to hold and lift it from its center point. This makes a huge difference when out on the job, the tool just feels so much more maneuverable and lightweight. In fact, at just 3.2kg, it's the lightest trimmer in its class, meaning in terms of power to weight ratio, it out-performs 25 cm³ trimmers.

The tool comes as standard with a Speed Feed 400 trimmer head and ECHO Black Diamond trimmer line which is a potent combination for cutting efficiency. Should you be tackling some seriously heavy stuff out there you can also opt for the 3-cutter metal blade, which will make short work of thick brush and even small branches.

One of the main reservations professionals have with battery equipment is run time. And this is indeed a valid concern. In the past, battery powered tools just haven't been able to get close to petrol in terms of power and run time, and often they simply didn't offer enough of either to make them a realistic option for professionals. That has all changed, new lithium-ion technology has taken huge strides in closing the gap between battery and petrol and battery power tools can now be found in the hands of professionals all over the world.

The ECHO DSRM-2600 features the latest in lithium-ion tech and is incredibly close to a petrol tool in terms of build and performance, but of course, with the benefits of being emission free, quiet and needing less maintenance. The advanced energy efficiency systems in the tool ensure that power is not wasted and is utilised when most needed, giving the DSRM-2600 an estimated run time of around 30 minutes of continuous use on the highest power.

For more info and technical specs please check out the product page