CS-2511TES C

The ECHO CS-2511TES top handle petrol chain saw has the best power to weight ratio on the market and is widely considered as the best top handle petrol chain saw available.


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CS-2511TES C

Due to its industry leading power to weight ration and ergonomics, the CS-2511TES has become a favourite with arborists, carvers and foresters around the world. The CS-2511TES C features a carving bar, making it ideal for pruning.

Small and Powerful

Small and Powerful

Our lightest and most compact chain saw. At the same time, the engine produces 1.10kW giving the CS-2511TES a superior power-to-weight ratio.



Weighing just 2.3kg it's the lightest, most compact chain saw in our range.

Zaagblad en Zaagketting

Zaagblad en Zaagketting

Verkrijgbaar in 2 versies:


  • Zaagblad groef: 0.050" - 1,3 mm
  • Zaagketting: 1/4" - 25AP60E
  • Prijs: € 619,- (incl. BTW)


  • Zaagblad groef: 0.043" - 1,1 mm
  • Zaagketting: 1/4" - A4S60E
  • Prijs: € 639,- (incl. BTW)

Meilleurs fonctionnalités.


Engineered to weigh less whilst retaining robust durability.


Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Power to weight ratio

Super light-weight design with exceptional power.

Détails produits.

Niveau de puissance sonore (dB(A)) 108.9
Niveau de pression sonore (dB(A)) 99.7
Vibrations poignée avant/poignée arrière (m/s²) 4.8 / 4.0
Longueur de coupe (cm) 1 20, 25 / 8,10
Frein de chaîne A inertie
Capacité du réservoir d'huile de chaîne 0.140
Tendeur de chaîne Latéral
Starter à retour automatique Oui
Poids à sec 2.3
Cylindrée (cm³) 25.0
Consommation de carburant à la puissance maximale du moteur 0.68
Capacité du réservoir de carburant (l) 0.19
Jauge (pouce) 0.050, 0.043
Système d’allumage CDI
Puissance (kW) 1.11
Puissance (ps) 1.51
Pompe d’amorçage Oui
Pas (pouce) 1/4
Système de démarrage assisté ES-start
Not all lengths available in every country. Available bar lengths may incur differing RRPs. Please check with your local dealer.

Autres Fonctionnalités.

Fast Idle
G-FORCE Engine Air Pre-Cleaner
Model certified or CE
Optional spike
Side access chain tensioner

CS-2511TES C an Overview

Small, lightweight and powerful the ECHO CS-2511TES Chainsaw is widely considered as the best top handle petrol chain…