Electric or petrol trimmer or brushcutter?

Whether you’re a professional or a newcomer in the outdoor sector, some research comes in handy if you’re considering buying an electric or petrol trimmer or brushcutter. Time is money as the saying goes. But in this case, investing some time into research might save you money while getting you the best and most efficient tool for your gardening needs. 

First, let’s clarify the difference between a string trimmer and a brush cutter and what each can do for you.

What can a Trimmer do?

Although they look quite similar, string trimmers and brush cutters are not exactly the same.

A string trimmer - also known as a weed eater or a strimmer - is generally used for cutting low foliage. It’s an effective tool when it comes to cutting small and easy to cut grasses and weeds or simply trimming grass around your garden and reaching into tight spaces. Trimmers usually come with a loop handle and some even feature a curved shaft for increased manoeuvrability in small spaces.   

Battery powered string trimmers are perfect in terms of flexibility and for smaller surface areas. Combine this with no emissions and very quiet operation and you can see why they’re ideal for residential areas.

What can a Brush Cutter do?

 A brush cutter - also known as a brush saw or clearing saw - is a gardening tool used for cutting thick weeds, small trees and other thicker vegetation around your yard. It has more power or - simply put - it’s a heavy-duty machine. Various cutting heads (blades or trimmers) can be attached to it. Brushcutters usually feature a U-handle and attach to a harness to support the unit’s weight allowing easy manoeuvrability over long periods of use. These machines are most commonly used by professionals for clearing large areas.

Some advantages of electric trimmers / brush-cutters include:

●    being lightweight and easy to use - even your teenage son might do the job

●    being low-noise - gentle for both you and your neighbour’s sensitive ears or moods

●    reaching tight spaces and doing its job smoothly - which makes the whole process feel less like a job and more like a walk in the park.

The professional battery powered trimmer ECHO DSRM-300 is low noise, low vibration and ZERO emissions. Plus, Japanese expertise and know-how means small, light-weight batteries - the latest in lithium ion technology - which give exceptional power.

Some of the benefits of choosing a petrol trimmer or brush-cutter:

●      More suitable for professional jobs

●      equipped with exceptional power

●      Engine made in Japan to the highest standards

●      No need to worry about charging or batteries if you have your fuel can

To sum it up, before jumping and buying a brush cutter or trimmer, make sure you pay attention to: the cutting power of the tool which should match your gardening needs, the efficiency, whether petrol or electric better suits your needs and warranty, the noise level and the freedom of movement.

Time to pick the best tools out there to match your needs and… your weeds!