Advanced technologies

You don’t have to think about your tool because we already have. Our philosophy is simple – to produce professional quality products that meet the demands of the people who use them. The Essence of ECHO is a complex story intended to make your life simple. The many facets include:

Skilled Craftsmen

For over 70 years we’ve been producing durable, dependable products. It starts with engineers who understand the requirements of the applications and optimise performance, durability and ergonomics. They are followed by those in manufacturing who take great pride in what they do: create components to exacting specifications and assemble them into products worthy of the ECHO name.


World Class Technology

To be a global leader, you need to have cutting edge technology. We use the latest materials for strength and reduced weight. Computerised design and manufacturing allow us to meet tight tolerances, providing superior fit, finish and performance. Robots work tirelessly in tandem with our skilled associates for efficient and concise assembly of our products. 


Integrated Production

The engine is at the heart of our products and we control the entire process. Our vertically integrated system starts with ingots and includes casting, machining, heat treating, polishing and plating, all done in Japan. When you are famous for your engines, you don’t want to put your reputation in someone else’s hands.