Robust, self-propelled battery lawn mower.

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The DLM-310/46SP features a self-propelled drive system, making it ideal for mid to large-sized gardens. With a range of cutting options, the ability to fine tune the length of your grass and unique features like electronic torque control and vertical storage, you can get your grass exactly how you want it with ease and in comfort. Large double ball bearing wheels and the corrosion resistant steel deck provide exceptional durability.
Self-propelled drive system.

Self-propelled drive system.

The self-propelled drive system means there's no need to spend excess energy pushing your mower. And the variable-speed drive system allows you to set the perfect pace for your job.
Options for mowing.

Options for mowing.

Choose between rear bag discharge, side discharge or mulching for your grass clippings. During summer months, mulching will save you time and effort and also benefit the quality of your lawn.
Vertical storage.

Vertical storage.

Vertical storage significantly reduces the amount of space required to store the mower and enables convenient cleaning. A small feature that makes a big difference.

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Ease of use
Garden+ tools are designed to be intuitive and a pleasure to use.
Low noise
Quiet operation means you can mow any time, without worrying.
Long run times
Advanced 40V batteries provide long run times with full power until complete depletion.


Nominale spanning 36.0
Geluidsvermogensniveau (dB(A)) 91.7
Geluidsdrukniveau (dB(A)) 84.2
Trillingen Voorste / Achterste handgreep (m/s²) ≦2.5
Type mes Maaimes
Maaihoogte (mm) 25 - 80
Drooggewicht (kg) 27.6
Aantal batterijsleuven 2
Looptijd (min) One battery Up to 39 Two batteries Up to 77
Run time - surface coverage 2Ah / 4Ah (m²) 100 to 200 m² / 200 - 400 m²

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Model certified or CE

DLM-310/46SP in action.

Mow with ease, thanks to the self-propelled function. Learn more about Garden+ by visiting the dedicated website.