The PB-2520 light weight, professional handheld is packed with power and features to increase the professional's productivity.

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The PB-2520 is powerful, light-weight, and possesses excellent blowing force. It features ergonomic operation, improved air filtration and superior air flow.
Professional engine

Professional engine

The professional grade 25.4 cm3 engine has an output of 0.9 kW giving a max air speed of 76.2m/sec. What does this actually mean? the concentrated bursts of air are able to shift stuck down wet leaves and heavier debris like twigs with ease.
Packed with user-friendly features

Packed with user-friendly features

It features throttle with cruise control as well as a Posi-lock and Ez-lock system for operator convenience and double grid design and secondary handle for ease of use. 
Rotational control

Rotational control

Rotational control design ensures that the blower does not rotate towards the user's leg. This reduces fatigue in the user's wrist.

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Power to Weight Ratio
Super light-weight design with exceptional power.
Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.
Ease of Use
Power on and get to work. Intuitive controls and features make your job a breeze.


Cilinderinhoud (cm³) 25.4
Vermogen (kW) 0.9
Vermogen (pk) 1.2
Drooggewicht (kg) 3.9
Inhoud brandstoftank (l) 0.55
Brandstofverbruik bij maximaal motorvermogen (L/u) 0.52
Blaaskracht (N) 15.8
Luchtvolume (m³/u) 768
Maximum luchtsnelheid (m/s) 76.2
Gashendel regeling Yes
Typ blaaspijp Rond recht
Trillingen (m/s²) (Blaaspijp Type A / Blaaspijp Type B / Blaaspijp A: Achterste handgreep) 9.9
Geluidsdrukniveau (dB(A)) 94.9
Geluidsvermogensniveau (dB(A)) 105.8
CO² (g/kW・u) 1 1052
This CO² measurement results from testing a (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions and does not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.

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EZ lock
Model certified or CE
Posi lock
Rotational control icon

PB-2520 an Overview

Blows the leaves away.