A highly durable, professional U-handle brushcutter, for the toughest applications.

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The ECHO SRM-520ES/U is designed to tackle the largest scale commercial jobs. That's why it features a huge 50.2cm³ engine, a heavy duty air filter and an advanced vibration reduction system. Whether you're working with a trimmer head or blade, you can depend on its power to get through the job with ease.

Power and comfort.

Power and comfort.

The ECHO SRM-520ES/U features an incredibly powerful 50.2cm³ professional grade engine for serious clearing power. A super anti vibration feature that utilises a 4 point mounting system ensures low vibrations so you can power through jobs in comfort.

Features to depend on.

Features to depend on.

Featuring ECHO's patented ES start technology for easy starting every time and a heavy duty air filter to protect against dust and debris. Every feature has been carefully crafted to reduce downtime and get you from one job to the next, hassle free.

Ergo pro harness.

Ergo pro harness.

Clip into the ergo pro harness in an instant and get straight to work. The harness supports the unit's weight and provides consistent range of movement for increased accuracy and decreased fatigue.

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Features one of ECHO’s most powerful engines.


Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Low Vibration

Vibration reduced by ECHO anti-vibe technology.


Cilinderinhoud (cm³) 50.2
Vermogen (kW) 2.2
Vermogen (pk) 2.9
Drooggewicht (kg) 9,0
Inhoud brandstoftank (l) 0.69
Brandstofverbruik bij maximaal motorvermogen (L/u) 1.23
Carburateur Diafragma
Starthulpsysteem ES-start
Type aandrijfas Solid shaft
Diameter aandrijfas (mm) 8,0
Diameter hoofdstang (mm) 28.0
Overbrengingsverhouding 1.33
Standaard nylonkop DS-5 M10L
Standaard nylonkop (artikelnummer) X047-000221
Standaard metalen mes 3-tandsmes
Standaard metalen mes (artikelnummer) P021-014320
Trillingen Linkse / Rechtse handgreep (m/s²) met maaimes 3,4 / 3,4
Trillingen Linkse / Rechtse handgreep (m/s²) met nylonkop 3,0 / 2,7
Geluidsvermogensniveau (dB(A)) met maaimes/nylonkop 113,2 / 111,6
Geluidsdrukniveau (dB(A)) met maaimes/nylonkop 98,2 / 97,6
CO² (g/kW・u) 1 825
This CO² measurement results from testing a (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions and does not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.

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Heavy duty air filter
Model certified or CE
Super anti-vibration system
U handle