High power, low weight loop handle brushcutter.

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High performance with ES-Start for effortless starting and designed for maximum efficiency. With light weight construction and a powerful ECHO engine, it's ideal for getting jobs done quickly and effortlessly.

ECHO engine.

ECHO engine.

The SRM-222ES/L is powered by a 21.2cm³ engine. Like all ECHO engines it has been manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards for power, efficiency and dependability.

L handle.

L handle.

The loop handle combined with the unit's overall light weight gives superior maneuverability and freedom while working.

Light weight and maneuverable.

Light weight and maneuverable.

Weighing just 4.7kg with an ergonomic and balanced frame you'll get through jobs faster with greater accuracy.

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Power to Weight Ratio

Super light-weight design with exceptional power.


Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Easy start engine

ECHO’s patented system for effortless starting.


Cilinderinhoud (cm³) 21.2
Vermogen (kW) 0.7
Vermogen (pk) 1,0
Drooggewicht (kg) 4.5
Inhoud brandstoftank (l) 0.40
Brandstofverbruik bij maximaal motorvermogen (L/u) 0.45
Carburateur Diafragma
Starthulpsysteem ES-start
Type aandrijfas Flexible shaft
Diameter aandrijfas (mm) 6.15
Diameter hoofdstang (mm) 25.0
Overbrengingsverhouding 1.36
Standaard nylonkop G138 500
Standaard nylonkop (artikelnummer) X047-000561
Trillingen Linkse / Rechtse handgreep (m/s²) met maaimes 3,5 / 4,2
Trillingen Linkse / Rechtse handgreep (m/s²) met nylonkop 3,5 / 4,2
Geluidsvermogensniveau (dB(A)) met maaimes/nylonkop - / 102,8
Geluidsdrukniveau (dB(A)) met maaimes/nylonkop - / 90,3
CO² (g/kW・u) 1 1262
This CO² measurement results from testing a (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions and does not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.

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L Handle
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