Tune-up Kit Y51002

Maintenance kit compatible with a wide range of ECHO tools.

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Tune-up Kit Y51002
The ECHO YC-51002 Youcan kit features a new air filter, fuel filter and spark plug. Regular maintenance of your tool will keep it running at optimal performance and massively increase its lifespan. This kit is compatible with multiple tools, please see below for the full list.


Compatibele producten ES-250ES, GT-222ES, HC-2020, HC-2020R, HC-2320, HC-1501, HC-156, HCA-236ES-LW, HCAS-236ES-LW, HCR-1501, HCR-165ES, HCR-185ES, PPF-236ES, PPT-236ES, SRM-222ES/L, SRM-222ES/U, SRM-236/L, SRM-236/U, SRM-236ES/L, SRM-236ES/U, SRM-236-TES/L, SRM-236TES/U, ES-2100, ES-2200, GT-220ES, HC-155ES, HC-331ES, HC-341ES, HCAS-2200, HCAS-235ES, HCAS-235ES-LW, HCR-161ES, HCR-171ES, PB-2155, PB-2255, PB-2350, PB-250, PPF-2100, PPF-235ES, PPT-2100, PPT-235ES, SRM-220ES/L, SRM-220ES/U, SRM-235/L, SRM-235/U, SRM-235ES/L, SRM-235ES/U, SRM-2306/L, SRM-2306/U, SRM-2306ES/L, SRM-2306ES/U
Artikelnummer Y51002