Tune-up Kit Y51001

Maintenance kit for various ECHO tools.

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Tune-up Kit Y51001
The ECHO Youcan kit Y-51001 features an air filter, fuel filter and spark plug. Regular maintenance and care for your tool is essential to keep it operating smoothly. This kit an be used for a wide range of tools. See below for a full list of compatible products.


Compatibele producten HCA-2620ES-HD, HCAS-2620ES-HD, PAS-2620ES, PPT-2620ES, PPT-2620HES, SRM-2620ES/L, SRM-2620ES/U, SRM-2620TES/L, SRM-2620TES/U, SRM-3020TES/L, SRM-3020TES/U
Artikelnummer Y51001